Service Standards

• Our Commitment to Excellence
- We strive to provide full quality control from yarn spinning to garment delivery
- Most of our goods are made from ISO 9001 & 14001 certified factories
- Our lab is equipped with advanced computerized systems
- We are a corporate member of AATCC
- We provide constant production updates

• Our Commitment to Reasonable Prices
- Our extensive knowledge and resources allow us to provide full scale garment production, from yarn
weaving to final packaging of garments, enabling us to cut cost and pass the benefits to our customers

• Ethical business conduct
- We say NO to child labor and sweatshops
- We care about the environment, with most of our factories ISO 14001 certified


1) We provide following business services:

- Full service international OEM production
- Fabric production
- Pattern making
- Garment production
- Quality control
- Logistics

2) Import assistance and consulting services

3) Customized manufacturing of goods according to your product specifications & standards

4) On-time door-to-door delivery

5) Worry-free international transactions

6) Comprehensive freight and customs business related services

7) Reliable on-site sourcing and production inspection

8) Financial advisory on international, domestic, or combined transactions




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